• Date
    4th March at 03:00pm
  • Venue
  • Host
    Hugh James
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If you’re a self-employed artist, designer or maker, you may be selling your creations online. Perhaps COVID-19 has forced you to join the digital marketplace, with restrictions putting a stop to real-life trade fairs and local shows.

While it can be relatively straightforward to set up a website and e-commerce platform these days, the legal and financial requirements are not always known or understood. Yet ignoring important requirements around distance selling, tax, data, and contracts can trip sellers up at the first hurdle.

At Hugh James, we’re here to help plug the knowledge gap.

We’ve joined forces with firstofmarch.com – an online platform, selling exquisite Welsh craftsmanship - and independent VAT specialists, Centurion, to bring you a series of videos to help equip you with the know-how to sell safely online.

Set up by Ruth Davies in 2019, First of March showcases makers from a range of craft disciplines in Wales – art & sculpture; handmade jewellery; tableware; soft furnishing and fashion. Like many, Ruth and her sellers have had to navigate their way through the legal and financial landscape to showcase their creations.

In these videos, Ruth will share her experience in setting up her luxury online platform, while lawyers from Hugh James and VAT specialists at Centurion, will offer their legal and financial insights.

Then, during Wales Week London, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A webinar, to give you a chance to pose your questions to our panel.

Join us for this interactive opportunity to drill down further into the key aspects you’re interested in.

Our specialists will offer their expertise, address your queries, and point you to further information and support.