• Date
    6th March at 12:30pm
  • Venue
    Tom Simmons Tower Bridge, 2 Still Walk SE1 2RF
  • Host
    Lawrenny Enterprises & Cymbrogi Futures
  • Category

New and exciting models of regenerative growth are stirring in rural Pembrokeshire.

A lively panel discussion by progressive leaders, thinkers and do-ers from government, finance, academia and rural enterprise on the vital factors behind sustainable innovation and growth in rural Wales beyond the M4 corridor. Including a live case study from a coastal farming community in Pembrokeshire - including:

  • Nigel Hollet, Director CLA Wales
  • Andy Henley, Professor, Entrepreneurship & Economics, Cardiff University
  • Bethan Cousins, New Business Director, Development Bank Wales
  • Adrian Lort-Phillips, Director, Lawrenny Enterprises, Co-Founder Big Retreat Wales, Pembrokeshire; Advisor Cymbrogi Learning Futures

More than 88% of land in Wales is used for agriculture - yet much energy for growth and ideas in Wales has traditionally focused on the M4 corridor, often to the detriment of remote agricultural communities such as Pembrokeshire. In these areas, farming was (and still is in many parts) at the heart of economic activity, but over the last 20 years has become disconnected from its surrounding communities.

However, new and exciting models of regenerative growth are stirring. Innovations in climate-smart housing, farm-powered energy generation, wellbeing tourism, artisanal crafts and future generation learning connected to nature are starting to reconnect and engage farming activities with their surrounding communities in real, creative and sustainable ways. These have real potential to re-invigorate growth in rural Wales and be a showcase for best practice for rural regeneration and enterprise far beyond its borders. In an imminently post-Brexit environment, these are vital signs for a resilient and aspirational future.

A Glimpse of the Future in Rural Wales

The Big Retreat Wales - the country's leading wellbeing festival

Cymbrogi Futures - a place for next generation learning

Key themes:

  1. Why have rural Welsh communities traditionally missed out on Wales’ growth strategies to date, why and how does this need to change?
  2. How can rural and coastal communities contribute to the Wellbeing of Future Generations?
  3. Case study from a rural Welsh farming community building cutting edge ideas in housing, farming, wellbeing and education – linked to Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the 2030 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.