• Date
    19th February 2022 at 02:00pm
  • Venue
    Hounslow Indoor Bowls Club, 50 Sutton Lane, Hounslow, TW3 3BD
  • Host
    London Welsh Bowling Association
  • Category

In 2022, London Welsh bowling Association is celebrating its 70th year!

From small inspirational ideas back in the early 1950s the club has developed and grown into the Association we know today.

It's an association that is not afraid to keep pace with the modern game and develop further with its mind firmly set on the future.

London Welsh Bowling Association has continued its growth and modernisation when it became the first exile Association to go open and welcome members both male and female.

Come along and support London's Welsh in action - a great few hours with a great bunch of Welsh bowlers - perhaps even enquire about becoming a member . . !

The Association welcomes bowlers born in Wales, of Welsh descent, or with a Welsh affiliation.

It has an attractive fixture list, both indoor and outdoors across the Home Counties and to the South Coast, playing counties, associations and clubs who are celebrating a significant anniversary.

A feature of the outdoor and indoor playing seasons are the well-supported tours, usually to Wales.