• Date
    1st March 2021
  • Venue
  • Host
    The Aloud Charity
  • Category
    Entertainment & Social

We want you to join us in song, to create one huge virtual choir to celebrate St David’s Day.

All the information on how to be a part of ‘Everyone Aloud’ is in the link and the text below.


We have a medley of three songs: firstly, a short version of the Only Boys Aloud arrangement of the Welsh song Sospan Fach, and then we have two songs by Max Boyce that he has let us use for this project – Up and Under and the fantastic Hymns and Arias. Sospan Fach is in Welsh and the Max Boyce songs are both in English – most of the time – so if you’re not a Welsh speaker, just give it ago and make sure you look like you know what you’re doing!

There are two parts you could sing, the tune, or a harmony part. (We would, of course love it if you fancied doing both!) We need you to:

  1. Watch the relevant video (tune or harmony)
  2. Put some headphones on and get the score / words ready on one screen to read from.
  3. Record yourself on a different phone, tablet or camera, making sure it is landscape – or sideways.
  4. Send that video to us at by clicking the link http://bit.ly/everyonealoud by Monday 22nd February.

We will put all of the videos together to create a very special virtual choir for St David’s Day. If you’d like to wear red or put a daffodil on, you’ll be very welcome!

The link to submit your videos is also below in the box (in the video) We want everyone to join us, male voices, female voices, kids voices – just sing at your pitch where you feel comfortable. “Everyone’s Aloud!!”

Remember – everyone can sing!

Give it a go - we promise we’ll make you sound fantastic!

Just imagine you’re in the shower, or even better, on the terrace watching the rugby!

If you have any problems or questions, drop us an email on hello@thealoudcharity.com, and we look forward to receiving your video.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Monday 22nd February.

Enjoy, and pob lwc!