• Date
    25th February
  • Venue
    Welsh Government Offices, 25 Victoria Street SW1H 0EX
  • Host
    Vortex IoT
  • Category

Welsh tech company Vortex IoT, with some of its key partners (Dell, Tata, ST) will deliver a thought-provoking view of the importance of the ‘Air that We Breathe’, and explain how emerging technologies and innovation will contribute to our ever-changing societal needs.

Government and local authorities globally are coming under increasing legislative pressure to better monitor air quality, and to deploy and actively manage ‘clean air zones’ across our cities.

By 2050 a huge populations shift will have resulted in 70% of the world’s populations living in urban areas. This seismic shift is driving Smart City initiatives globally.

44% of UK councils currently do not have fit-for-purpose air and pollution monitoring capabilities (The Independent, 2017). With a more stringent government Air Quality Plan about to come into force, councils face significant fines if they are not compliant.

Using emerging technologies Vortex IoT have developed a new Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) product that also provides revenue-generating opportunities for local authorities, and as a result will contribute to creating new urban business models that are essential as the shape of towns and cities changes over time.

Together with Swansea-headquartered Vortex IoT, the event will be attended by ST Engineering of Singapore, Tata Steel and Dell EMC, who will participate in the evening to provide an illuminating view of the world ahead.

Date TBC.