• Date
    18th February at 07:30pm
  • Venue
    The Place, 17 Duke's Road WC1H 9PY
  • Host
    The Place
  • Category
    Arts & Culture

Dan Thatcher | Cenedl heb iaith

Why do the Welsh speak English?

Cenedl heb iaith delves into honest thoughts and feelings of how Wales almost became a nation without language, and how our understanding of that has been shaped.

By shedding light on a sad truth of British history, this earthy, heart-wrenching piece explores humanity, and language as identity, through the almost complete eradication of Britain’s oldest surviving language. Expect to have your understanding re-shaped through, unity, the light and dark of real history, compelling movement and energetic floorwork.

“A nation without language is a nation without heart”