• Date
    28th February at 04:30pm
  • Venue
    Anomalous, 38 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9HF
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Hosted by leading digital branding agency, Bluegg.

Following 20 years of learning, building and refining processes and techniques, the team at Bluegg are bringing together business leaders, who themselves have faced and overcome all of the business challenges that have brought their brands into question.

Hosted by Mike Jordan, this discussion panel will give an insight into businesses from varied sectors that have all used their brands to consolidate, galvanise, build and grow.

With the world moving at a rate of knots, working and buying habits changing, expectations shifting; all accelerated by the pandemic years, many established businesses are looking at the true value of their brand; asking whether it carries the same weight, is still relevant or even effective in today’s post-pandemic world.

Disruptor brands are still doing their very best to shake the tree with start-ups continuing to push messages of authenticity and human connection, while internal cultures have been transformed by WFH policies and a yearning for a better work / life balance.

During this event we will explore the business challenges that lead to questions surrounding the effectiveness of an organisation's brand. We’ll ask what leads to change, how change can be successfully implemented and what role a company's digital brand plays.

We’ll speak to a panel of business leaders, who have taken their businesses through these changes. We’ll hear about their motivations, the lessons they’ve learned and the impact brand change has had on their business.

We’ll also look at how important ‘brand’ is to defining a company culture and how focus may have shifted to keep up with the changing expectations of their employees.

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