• Dyddiad
    25th Chwefror at 07:30yh
  • Man cyfarfod
    Pit - The Vaults, Leake Street
  • Gwesteiwr
    Orange-You-Glad & Burt Dingles Unconscious Productions
  • Categori
    Celfyddydau A Diwylliant

Orange in the Subway

You might laugh, you might cry, or you might be dead inside - Who are we to judge?

'Ere lands a young comic genius, whose stage is a cold Cardiff pavement.
Will the Orange glow of the street lamp shine a brutally funny truth on the magic around her, or highlight the mundane?

W**kers to G*ds. Cardiff to Outer space. Obsolete to Oranges.

We have a laugh don't we! Why not come see.

"Like a philosophy lesson that doesn't wreak your head"

"It had fire. No really, it had real fire. Flames. Its the real deal"

"Homelessness has gone up by 300% and this discusses in a compassionate and vibrant way- that the homeless, are just people, like you and me" - One of the cast's mam.

About Orange-You-Glad & Burt Dingles Unconscious Productions

Brought together by The Other Room in Cardiff and kept breathing by passionate Welsh Folk. (And some English, but they wish they were Welsh, so that's fine).

Wanting to work to bring engaging, emotional, funny stories, in equal segments.

Fruitful some might say.