It's easy to get on board

There are so many ways that you can be part of Wales Week; whether hosting an activity, attending events, becoming an official partner or simply just helping to spread the word.

Attract new audiences

For businesses, being involved in Wales Week is a conducive way to help develop new London-based connections - new audiences, new clients, new markets. And it's a great opportunity to showcase your own brand, products and services.

“Ni ellid cael llwyfan gwell na Wythnos Cymru Llundain i gael pobl i weld yr hyn ydym.”
Baronness Wilcox of Newport

Beth am gymryd rhan

Trefnu Digwyddiad

Darganfod Mwy

Dewch yn Bartner

Darganfod Mwy

Wythnos Cymru Ledled y Byd

Darganfod Mwy

Wythnos Cymru 2021 ar ddod!

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