• Date
    20th February at 06:15pm
  • Venue
    The Vaults, Leake Street SE1 7NN
  • Host
    Vault Festival
  • Category
    Arts & Culture



20TH Feb - 24th Feb

In a dystopian future where Wales is reduced to a tourist leisure park. Ffion Jones, a hapless tour-guide, wants to start a revolution, thrusting her floppy leek into the air.

Once famed for coal, copper and steel production, Wales’ industry has now ground to a halt. All that’s left to sell is 'Welsh pride' and even that is quickly drying up at the hands of business tycoons Bevan, Bevan, Bevan and co. Will Ffion sell her soul to be the next ‘face of Wales’ or will she summon the courage to revolt and listen to the strange trouser-less child that appears in her dreams?

A look into the gross extremes of stereotyping, individualism and the future of sheep-themed jokes.

Tickets £12 - but if you use the Wales Week in London promo code 'LONDONWELSH' (all one word), then you can get 1/3 off any tickets for the performances on 21st - 24th.

So instead of £12 it's now only £8!