• Date
    6th March at 06:15pm
  • Venue
    Welsh Government London Office, 25 Victoria Street
  • Host
    Acorn Recruitment
  • Category

If you think you may consider returning to Wales in the next few years and would like to get a good feel of what work opportunities there will be, then this event is for you.

Experts from Acorn, Wales' leading recruitment agency and in the top 1% of all UK recruiters, and from the Welsh Government will offer insight on the growth sectors and professions in Wales, including any regional emphases, and will demonstrate why Wales is such a great place in which to live, work and raise a family.

And the evening will also include a couple of interviews with people who have done precisely this - moved to Wales to work after initially starting their careers in London.

During the presentation, questions, observations and discussion will be encouraged from around the room, including anything regarding a specific profession, industry or sector - and of course, anything to do with helping your search for work and finding the most suitable employer.

Everyone knows about the great quality of life in Wales, the very reasonable cost of living, the easy transportation links and access to London and other main regional centres in the south west, the midlands and the north - so we won't need to focus too much on that!

But you may be unsure on how to start the process of finding work and moving back, or what opportunities are likely to be open to you - and therefore this event could help you on your way.

Please be assured, all names / details of attendees will remain confidential.