Opportunity for a communications professional to help with the successful delivery of Wales Week in London 2018.

We're looking for someone to start asap!

The individual will be engaged / contracted on a part-time basis, approximately 2-3 days a week (equivalent of - to be discussed) – from October 2017 to the end of March 2018, roughly six months’ contract.

Skills / experience / capability:

  • We’re looking for someone who can demonstrate a good, wide-ranging understanding of the effective development / use of communications, promotions and PR, across all channels.
  • Someone who is experienced / skilled at writing copy / content, well.
  • Also, someone who can work imaginatively, professionally and supportively with organisers of events / activities, and partners / sponsors, to ensure through WWIL they are promoted as effectively and successfully as possible.
  • Someone who understands how to connect / link people and organisations together for collaborative working.
  • Someone who is capable of managing bilingual communications (we have a translator should we need one).
  • Someone who can demonstrate an infectious enthusiasm and great energy – who gives confidence to others and is adept at getting people ‘on board’.
  • Someone who doesn’t mind getting stuck in to the boring / administrative functions that will be essential from time to time.

The role:

  • Communications and engagement:

- Developing strategic approach to a) promoting WWIL18, b) promoting the events and c) promoting our partners / sponsors - including key messaging, planning, implementation and monitoring.

- Writing content / copy for and running the website, email newsletters and updates, press releases, social media, etc.

- Growing followers / audiences, developing engagement and stimulating improved levels of response / conversion.

- Managing the database to ensure it remains robust and meaningful by increasing the number of contacts stored, enhancing information / detail held, routine cleansing / monitoring, maintaining compliance and confidentiality, and leveraging it in the most effective way.

- Growing advocacy and referrals, and developing engagement from other stakeholders and related / interested parties to help develop improved reach.

- Working across many channels including press / media, website, email updates, social media, print comms, launch events, etc., etc.

- Producing bilingual communications.

  • Partners / sponsors:

- Liaising with local and national governments, event organisers, sponsors and other partners to ensure effective alignment of communications.

- Be a central / key contact for the above stakeholders – to provide effective response and build confidence / reassurance through good account management.

- Help contribute to creative thinking for the development of events / promotions – and linking people / organisations together for collaborative working and bringing ideas to life.

- Ensuring WWIL is seen as helpful, imaginative, energetic and supportive by all partners, sponsors and event organisers – so together, we can build the programme of events to make WWIL increasingly more inclusive, attractive and relevant to existing and new audiences.

  • Boring stuff:

- There will be various ‘administrative’ duties involved in all of the above such as handling correspondence, chasing people / organisations, issuing reminders, deliveries, checking data, researching contact information, etc., etc.

For further details please contact dan.langford@walesweek.london with details of your experience / expertise (eg. such as your CV) in relation to the description about the role provided above.

We look forward to hearing from you!