We're inviting people with an interest in running a Wales Week in South Asia, Australasia, South Africa and elsewhere to a reception / presentation about how you can be involved in the Wales Week initiative for spring 2020.

The event will be held during the afternoon in Tokyo, on either Friday 27th or Saturday 28th September - final arrangements to be confirmed - and coincides deliberately with the fantastic Welsh presence that will be in Tokyo over that weekend for the crunch Australia v Wales RWC group game - ie. anyone from the Welsh diaspora who may be in Tokyo for the game is more than welcome to join us.

The occasion will be an opportunity for us to present the story of how Wales Weeks have developed around the world (this year they were held in London, Paris, Melbourne, Ohio, New York, Newcastle, Essex, Germany, New England) and to discuss with you how easy it is to host a Wales Week in your town, city / state or country, as a great way to celebrate St David’s Day and to promote Wales.

Wales Week takes place around the time of St David’s Day each year, and is developed / promoted in a way to create more ‘noise’, to attract greater engagement across the local Welsh diaspora and to attract interest from others who are not Welsh - commemorating our national day, celebrating our cultural heritage and promoting all that is fantastic about a modern Wales and its place in the world.

From the outset, the initiative has been developed in very close partnership with both the Welsh Government and the UK Government - we cannot overstate the quality of support we’ve received from them; they have been an incredible support and have contributed massively to the progress achieved so far.

More details / information is provided here:

Examples of Wales Weeks held earlier this year can be found here:

- Wales Week / London -
- Wales Week / Paris -
- Wales week / New York -
- Wales Week / New England -

The Wales Week initiative is not a commercial one - there are no costs for you to be involved and to adopt the name / initiative for where you are in the world - we simply want to help you raise the profile of your activities around the time of St David’s Day, help you to engage more and more people, and by doing so help you to play a part in the worldwide celebration and promotion of Wales.

Already committed for next spring there will be Wales Weeks taking place in the locations already established to date, as well as new locations added such as 7-10 new locations across the USA, Toronto, Dublin, Manchester & Liverpool, Hong Kong, and we’re in discussion with another half-a-dozen or so places - so next spring, there could be some 25-30 Wales Weeks taking place across the world, helping generate a great load of Welsh noise around the time of St David’s Day - be fantastic if you were interested in joining us!

Final details about the reception will be confirmed very shortly - in the meantime we'd be most grateful if you could let us know if you think you might be able to join us - and of course, feel free to get back to us with any questions; we'd be more than happy to give you a call if you think a quick chat would be beneficial in the first instance.

You can contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you - pob hwyl i chi, Mike and Dan.