The largest annual events programme that celebrates and promotes Wales, in London and around the world will take place over the fortnight around St David’s Day next year, from 20th February to 7th March 2022.

This year the Wales Week London and Wales Week Worldwide events programme was impacted greatly by the restrictions resulting from the Covid19 pandemic but still some 70 online activities and events took place in London and an additional 60 around the world, engaging thousands of attendees and also attracting new audiences to new events and in new locations for the first time.

Naturally, the plan is to build on this success for 2022 – to continue with the momentum that has been developing over the last five years, and to present an even more comprehensive hybrid programme of both face-to-face and digital activities and events.

Already for 2022 we have new sponsors and partners that have come on board, and a number of new event hosts looking to plan their activities for next year.

Together with our longstanding partners, our regular event hosts, and with the increasing number of amazing people who deliver our Wales Week programmes around the world, we can sense already that 2022 is going to be another spectacular year.

Chair of Wales Week Worldwide, Dan Langford said, “We were genuinely taken aback by the interest this year, not just from those who have contributed to the annual activities for a number of years but also from people and organisations who we hadn’t worked with previously.

“We welcomed new locations such as Osaka and Hungary to the programme this year, and elsewhere across the world all our partners were just superb in delivering their activities against the odds. Wales Week events were also held in Pittsburgh, New York, Paris, Melbourne, New England, Berkshire, Kansas and Beijing, as well as a designated Wales Week Food Fortnight promoting Welsh food and drink; all this was down to the tremendous energy, goodwill and imagination of some truly, wonderful people.

“Last year in London we held some 135 different activities and events, and the hope is that in 2022 we get back to that sort of level but also be able to dovetail the physical events with others held on-line, which attract increasing audiences and from all around the world.

“The Wales Week programme is the largest annual events programme that celebrates and promotes Wales, both in London and around the world, and it’s success is a down to a huge collaborative effort – a direct result of all those who support it, who bring their activities and ideas to the schedule, and the many thousands of people who attend, join in and help to showcase what we’re doing via their social media channels.”

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