Many thanks to those of you who were able to join us for the Wales Week London ’21 launch event held on-line back in early December (watch it here), we had nearly 250 people watching the broadcast, which was amazing - and we thank you for taking the time be a part of it.

Admittedly, in the couple of weeks following the launch we became increasingly concerned about trying to deliver Wales Week London for this year (the darkness of lockdown getting into our brains!), but thankfully, following calls made to some of you (you know who you are - really grateful to you!) we realised pretty quickly that absolutely, there remains an appetite to run the programme in 2021, albeit accepting that it would be vastly different from previous years, with all activities / events taking place on-line of course, and meaning that for some events / organisers, it just wouldn't be possible for them to participate this year.

So, the event schedule is likely to be smaller than in 2020 (when we had over 135 activities and events!) but as always, we remain determined to make as much noise as possible about your activities / events, about St David’s Day and about Wales(!).

We’ve had so many encouraging conversations with some of you over the last three weeks, and we’re delighted with the nature of events that will be taking place - on-line - from 20th Feb to 7th March - so many thanks indeed for all your efforts and the contribution you make to keeping Wales Week London alive for this challenging spring - we’re grateful for your support and excited in equal measure.

We're later than normal for getting things sorted this year (huge apologies!!) but as soon as we have details of upcoming activities and events then we will get them up on our website, and will promote them via our social media channels and database without delay.

A (good) thing to note - whilst on-line events don’t have the same ‘face-to-face’ dynamic as physical events do, being on-line, event organisers / hosts will be able to run and deliver their Wales Week London events without the need to be in London of course - and through our new Wales Week Worldwide website (launching in next few days) and comms channels that run alongside those for Wales Week London, we’ll be able to promote these events to a worldwide audience for the first time as well - so hopefully more opportunity for our events to reach more audiences!

Thanks again for all your on-going support - we look forward to seeing you (virtually) over the coming weeks - diolch yn fawr, Dan a Mike.