The largest annual programme of events celebrating and promoting Wales, will take place for the 8th successive year, over the fortnight around St David’s Day, from 22nd February to 6th March 2024.

Naturally, for 2024 the plan is to build on the success of this year's programme, which has seen 111 activities and events take place during Wales Week London, and a further 60 activities and events taking place elsewhere around the world with Wales Weeks also being held for New York, Berkshire, Iran, Hungary, Kansas, New England, Pittsburgh, North East England, Detroit among others, as part of the overall Wales Week Worldwide programme.

Already during this year's events we have attracted new partners and a number of new event hosts looking to come on board for next year.

Together with our longstanding partners, our regular event hosts, and with the increasing number of amazing people who deliver our Wales Week programmes around the world, we can sense already that Wales Week 2024 is going to be another energising programme, creating a huge amount of Welsh noise.

Chair of the initiative, Dan Langford said, “The Wales Week programme is the largest annual events programme that celebrates and promotes Wales, and its success is a down to a huge collaborative effort – a direct result of all those who support it, those who bring their activities and ideas to the schedule, and the many thousands of people who attend, join in and help to showcase what we’re doing.”

Each year the schedule of activities and events during Wales Week helps celebrate Wales' heritage and culture, commemorate its national day, and promote a modern Wales to rest of the world.