Creating your event

We’re not event organisers but we do have access to a wide network of good contacts.

If you need to discuss ideas for a venue, speakers, entertainment, etc. please let us know and we’ll see how we can help and try to connect you to others who may also help. 

Event organisers' toolkit

Thank you for participating in Wales Week in London and going to the trouble of arranging acrivities or organising an event – it’s your contribution that makes Wales Week in London!

Our role is to promote your organisation and your event(s) to as wide an audience as possible for you, which we’ll do via all the channels available to us such as on our website, in the media, through our contact database and via social media. 

In return, we simply ask if you could help fly the Wales Week in London banner alongside the event you’re organising.

Promoting your event

To promote your event we need the following details as soon as possible: 

  • Date & name / title of event 
  • Event description & booking details
  • Venue & contact details

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details about the event confirmed straightaway – but please do send us the basic details such as date and event title, so we can get it onto the schedule and promoted without delay – we can add further details when you have them!

(Pic shows the Prime Minister meeting Welsh food producers at 10, Downing Street during Wales Week in London 2017.)

Co-branding your event

We only look for a tiny commitment from you when particpating in Wales Week in London - success relies on ‘strength in numbers’, and the easy way to help with that is for all of us to wear the Wales Week badge.

So, when promoting your event, we’d love to see the Wales Week in London logo in your promotions, on your website and in your emails – we think it’s a small ask – and hopefully the greater profile we generate together for Wales Week, the better it is for everyone involved!

Here’s a link to view / download the logos and some guidance on how to use them.

We’re not particularly strict on how best you accommodate them but naturally we wouldn’t want any stretching, distorting, changing fonts or colours, etc. 

So, let’s get your event live and out there – there’s a great buzz developing already, and we’re delighted you’re going to be a part of it!